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Burg Sooneck – The Blind Archer

So first a bit of background on this beautiful castle! It’s one of the coolest I’ve seen and it’s located in Germany on the Rhine River! History has the first structure on this site being built around 1217 – now … Continue reading

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Ackergill Tower and Some Dishonest Scots!

This next castle is one of the many fabulous Scottish castles and the story that goes with it is even better! Ackergill Tower was built by Clan Keith around the late 1400s. Sometime after the tower was built, the Chieftain of … Continue reading

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Dover Castle

And now I’d like to welcome you to my first arbitrarily chosen castle! This one hails from Kent, England in the town of Dover. It has been a very important location since the Iron Age because of it’s very defensible … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my fantasy world! Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fascination with castles and as a little girl I was just sure that I would live in one someday! Now I’m all grown up ( okay…so maybe not!) … Continue reading

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