Burg Sooneck – The Blind Archer

Burg Soonek

So first a bit of background on this beautiful castle! It’s one of the coolest I’ve seen and it’s located in Germany on the Rhine River! History has the first structure on this site being built around 1217 – now that’s a long time ago! It was conquered, destroyed and rebuilt many times over its history as most castles are. It was often home to some not-so-savory characters including the star of today’s show, Siebold- I like to think of him as Siebold the Swarthy but I just made that up!

Anywho – Siebold didn’t get along very well with Hans Veit and as was so common at that time, they could not bring their quarrels to a peaceful end so decided to meet violently. Now, because Hans was known as the best archer in the land, old Siebold didn’t think it would be fair for them to meet in any contest involving archery. So he chose a hand-to-hand fight to the death since he was bigger and stronger than Hans – because THAT made it fair, sheesh!

Hans did the best he could but he was just no match for Siebold. Instead of doing the honorable thing and just putting Hans out of his misery, he took the poor guy back to the castle with him and had his eyes “burned out.” I’m not sure how that works but it sounds fairly ghastly and disgusting! He then kept poor Hans locked up and suffering in his dungeons for months.

Burg Sooneck

One night Siebold was hanging around and carousing with all of his disgusting friends and he decided to use it as an opportunity to further humiliate Hans. So he had him brought up from the dungeons and told him that if he could shoot a goblet while it was airborne, then he would let him go. So they gave Hans a crossbow and Siebold tossed the goblet into the air and told Hans to “shoot!” Hans promptly put a bolt straight through his mouth and he dropped down dead! I guess after the meal Siebold was getting his “just desserts!” Ha!

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3 Responses to Burg Sooneck – The Blind Archer

  1. susanbahr says:

    Oh, those wreched Scots! Loved your post – keep them coming… Sue

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